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We could call it a community, but why call something a community when you can call it a Hamlet?

Yes, Hamlet is a play by Shakespeare. And a cigar brand.

But a Hamlet is a small village. Well, not even a village, really, more like a small group of houses.

This particular Hamlet is populated with creative craftsmen, forging strong images and sounds, powerful content for new and old media, experimenting with form, structure and cutting edge technology.

With Hamlet, we've created a place where talent finds a home; directors, producers, actors and writers with memorable stories to tell. They will join in, stay for a while and then maybe move on, but never without leaving their mark.

Our Hamlet is open to anyone, visitors, guests, customers, or simply, the curious.

Brussels —

Hamlet Brussels HQ

Naam Jezusstraat 5 
Rue du Nom de Jésus 5 
BE-1000 Brussels

→ Directions

T. +32 2 330 01 40 
F. +32 2 330 01 44 


Executive Producers I Founders

Ruben Goots

T. +32 497 42 07 70

Jason Felstead
T. +32 472 48 47 00


Head of Production

Audrey Dierckx

T. +32 494 04 00 23

Bidding - Post Producer

Dominique Ruys
T. +32 475 45 91 50

Berlin —

Hamlet Berlin

Schliemannstrasse 38
DE-10437 Berlin

→ Directions

T. +49 30 397 217 30


Executive Producer I Managing Partner

Jens Groeger

T. +49 176 967 28 179